Mission Gone Wrong 5: Foolish Boy

Written in response to the prompt realise. Continues the Mission Gone Wrong story from Good News, Bad News.

Genre: action, fantasy


~Foolish Boy~

Ezra realised what Theo was planning the moment the newbie grabbed his first branch.

That foolish boy.

He broke into a run.

“What happened?” Eileen asked.

“That idiot is going to kill himself.”

“Want a lift?”


Eileen swept him into her arms. Without him slowing them down, the two S class Fighters upped the pace.

They would never been fast enough.

Ezra watched as Theo’s legs gave out under him as he made the final leap off the tree. Theo’s fingers missed the handhold he aimed for by a finger’s breadth. Their eyes widened as their worst fear was realised.

Theo fell. And this time, there were no monsters to break his fall.

~The story continues in Unrealised Potential~

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