Mission Gone Wrong 6: Unrealised Potential

My response to the prompt border. Part of the Mission Gone Wrong narrative. Follows after Foolish Boy.

Genre: fantasy


~Unrealised Potential~

The newbie was alive.

Barely. But hanging at the border of life by the fingertips was better than taking that one-way drop into death.

When they finally arrived at the underground cavern, Eileen and Vincent headed straight for Theo with their field kits. Ezra split another piece off his mind and sent his attention down the two tunnels to find any potential exits. His other self had already informed the captain of their situation, so once they had done everything they could, they settled down and waited for help to arrive.

Something the newbie should have done instead of risking his life climbing that tree.

Ezra rubbed a hand over his face.

What were they doing wrong? In terms of physical strength, Theo was arguable top of his batch. Not that anyone could tell just from looking at him. But while his batchmates had broken out of their newbie status to settle into their teams, Theo remained a newbie who couldn’t be left unsupervised.

They had decided to continue supporting and pushing the newbie until he grew into his own as a Fighter, but that was before he almost killed himself. After this, if Theo could and still wanted to be a Fighter, they should find him a team who could fully unlock his potential.

The newbie woke with a pained gasp. Amber eyes wandered over the three of them before running away to the cavern wall. Well, if the newbie was aware enough to know he was in trouble, then he was ready for Ezra’s questions.

After Eileen was done assessing Theo’s condition, Ezra settled by Theo’s head. Theo stiffened, but Ezra wasn’t going to wait and give Theo more time to make up excuses for his stupidity.

“What were you thinking?”

~Continue the story in Questions and Reasons~

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