Mission Gone Wrong 7: Questions and Reasons

My response to the prompt argument. Also continues the story from Unrealised Potential.

Genre: general


~Questions and Reasons~

“What were you thinking?”

Of course his senior would start with the one question he didn’t want to answer.

It was easy to say now that climbing the tree was a stupid thing to do, but at the time, he just didn’t want to create more trouble for his seniors.

“I wanted to solve my problem myself.”

“What do you think your team is for? Decoration?”

“No,” Theo mumbled.

“Then why didn’t you wait?”

And show them his latest stupid mistake? No way.

“I thought I could do it.”

“And look what happened.”

“I know.” No need to rub it in.

“Don’t…” His senior cut himself off. After a few moments, he said, “After this, we’ll find you a new team.”

Theo felt like someone just dropped a monster on him. Could they do that? Kick him out of the team because he wasn’t good enough? What if no one else wanted him?

He grabbed his senior and met his gaze for the first time since the conversation started.

“Please, let me stay on the team.”

His senior frowned. “Let go.”

“I’ll get better.” Don’t kick him out.

His senior cried out. “Let go.”

“Just give me more time.”


Someone wrenched his fingers open and pinned his hand down against the ground. A sharp pain shot up his arm.


Darkness rose up to swallow him.

Theo fell again.

~The story continues in Injured Parties~

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