Mission Gone Wrong 9: Flattery for Hillary

Written in response to the prompt flattery.

Previous chapter of Mission Gone WrongInjured Parties.

Genre: fantasy


~Flattery for Hillary~

As long as the heart continued to beat, she could bring them back to complete health. That was Hillary’s power.

Unlike other Fighters, Hillary wasn’t assigned to a team, not did she go on missions outside the wall. No one wanted to risk losing such an important power to a mission gone wrong, so it became the patient’s job to stay alive and go to her, not the other way around.

But she had ventured out to heal before, and for the sake of the newest member on the team, he had to at least try to make it happen again.

From what he had heard, bribery and flattery had the highest chances of success. Both options had never sat well with him, but at least flattery didn’t cost him anything.

“Captain, I can do it,” Thomas offered.

It was tempting to accept the offer, but both of them knew Thomas’ brutal honesty was more likely to offend the healer instead. Between the three of them, Ezra was best for the job, but he wasn’t so good that he could do it with his attention split between so many places.

So really, it all came back to him.

Alan walked into Hillary’s office fully prepared to say anything to make her happy. Instead, Hillary easily pushed away his empty words until all he had left was the truth.

“He sounds like he’ll be fine,” Hillary said, “But if it helps, I can ask Shadow to go with you and bring him back.”

It wasn’t the best option, but it was a very close second.

“Thank you.”

“Thank me by bringing everyone back alive.”

~Next up: Promise Me This~

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