Mission Gone Wrong 12: Cursed Blessing

My response to the prompt candle. Follows after Just Keep Walking.

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Genre: fantasy


~Cursed Blessing~

Thomas didn’t consider himself a very competitive person, but it was hard not to compare himself to the girl beside him who could flick away chunks of earth like it was just dust mites.

Every group had their own superstar. Theirs was Shadow.

Most Fighters came in one of two types: those born with superhuman strength, and those born with special powers. The rest were normal people or the rare few blessed with both strength and power.

Or should he say cursed?

All the Fighters he knew with both strength and power paid a price. Take Kimon from Team 6 as an example. He had the strength of an S rank Fighter and the ability to create spikes out of any solid substance, but his strength weakened when he slept and grew the longer he stayed awake. The result was a Fighter with the most micromanaged sleep schedule ever.

It made him wonder. The stronger they were, the greater the price they had to pay. No Fighter held a candle to Shadow in strength or power, so what was her price?

Their tunnel joined with the underground tunnel the other Ezra was in. A few waves of her hand, and the earth around the new space was shored up.

Despite being their very own superstar, no one knew much about Shadow. She wasn’t on any team, but she would turn up to missions when she was needed. Outside of those handful of missions, it was as if she didn’t exist.

Now was his chance. If he remembered right, Charlie from Team 9 was offering to pay for information on Shadow’s favourite food.

He would start there.

~Next: New Member~

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