Drabble: Stuck

Fear (start here)| Desire | Aerial Search | Stuck

My response to the prompt underground. Start from Fear.

Genre: fantasy, superpowers



He wasn’t very fond of his superpower. For someone who loved the sky as much as he did, it was hard to love an ability which always sent him underground. But it was a step up from the hate he had felt at first, which gave him hope that he might one day come to actually like his special ability.

But that day was not today.

It started like  a normal day. A group of supers were bullying people at a park, so his team was dispatched to stop them. During the briefing, they had assigned one bully to each member, so the moment they were in range, he tackled his target and pushed them both underground. His standard modus operandi.

He hadn’t expected his target to shut down his ability after they were basically buried in the earth. From the wide-eyed look on his target’s face, he figured the other super hadn’t realised the consequences of using his nullifying ability until it was too late.

“How long will it take for my powers to come back?” he asked the high school student pinned beneath him.

“Ten minutes.”

Silence descended.

It was going to be a long ten minutes.



And we’re back to short stories, and Potpourri, a setting that I haven’t written about since I started Mission Gone Wrong.

Some of you might recognise the POV character as the same sky lover from Desire. He was the first person who came to mind when I saw ‘underground’, and I love building on previous stories. I hope you find the interconnected pieces interesting.

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