Too Lucky

My response to the prompt millions.


~Too Lucky~

They were standing in front of the lucky draw booth…

To make a bet.

“If we manage to pull the third prize in one try, you’ll give us the ninth prize too,” Melanie said.

“And if you can’t pull it in ten tries, you’ll buy another twenty tickets,” said the staff manning the booth.



Melanie paid for the ticket and turned to Roxana. “You do it.”

Roxana narrowed her eyes. “It’s your bet.”

“I’m one in ten million. If I pull, I’ll get too lucky and get the grand prize. You’re only one in a million. Third prize should be just right.”

Roxana sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. When Melanie resorted to such troll logic, it was better to just go along.

“Don’t blame me if I don’t get what you want,” Roxana said and reached into the box. Her fingers curled around a piece of folded paper and she pulled it out. Without a word, she unfolded it to reveal the number “3”.


She raised her gaze from the paper to the staff, whose face had lost all its colour.

“Nice one.” Melanie slapped Roxana on the back. “Now, my turn.”

She bought another ticket and reached into the box. The paper she pulled out bore the number “1”.


For a moment, Roxana thought the staff was about to faint, but he pulled himself together and brought them their prizes. A game console for pulling the grand prize, two movie tickets for the third prize, and a mascot keychain listed as the 9th prize.

“Awesome.” Melanie grinned and immediately opened the box containing the game console. She pulled out one of the two controllers, then passed the box back to the staff.

“Take it. I already have one at home. I just want an extra controller.”

The staff tried to refuse the prize because of conflict of interest. He lasted an admirable fifteen minutes before the console ended up in his hands anyway. Without giving the staff a chance to return the box, Melanie hooked her arm in Roxana’s and skipped on to the next destination.

“Movie time!”



This started from ‘one in a million’, which made me think of lotteries, and it mutated from there.

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