Drabble: Time to Love People

My response to the prompt volunteer.

Genre: slice of life


~Time to Love People~

She hovered behind the pillar, eyes on the plain booth against the wall.

They were recruiting volunteers. She should volunteer. Exercise those God-given gifts. But… if she signed up… she would have to give up her weekends. And what if she didn’t like what she signed up for? What if she had to stop? What she wanted to stop?

She shook the thoughts out of her head. Everything she should do as a Christian could be summarised in one sentence: love God and love people. She already loved God. It was time to love people.

Before she could change her mind, she walked up to the booth to put her name down. There, she found a new problem.

What area should she volunteer in?



Religion is one of those topics that can’t be taken lightly. It has an uncanny ability to make a lot of people very unhappy very quickly. But thinking about volunteers makes me think of church. Most churches only function because of the time and effort donated by teams of very generous volunteers. And, well, I’m writing this on a Sunday, so a piece about church life sounded like a very fitting choice.


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  1. Sometimes people drift right by the topic. I have found more often than not people share and we all learn something. Nice post.

  2. You’re welcome. For myself, I write to reach who my words are “supposed to”. 🙂 The number or reads are likes aren’t important. It’s the one soul I may help along the way. We’re all just looking for others to “walk on home with”.

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