Tiny Hand

Written in response to the prompt tiny. Takes place after Perfect Junk.


~Tiny Hand~

Bell’s hand felt tiny in Jana’s own as the once abandoned Wilhem Doll guided her through the human crowd. To be honest, she could navigate fine with her own cane, but the doll sounded so eager to lead the way, she couldn’t help but let her.

Even if the height difference made holding hands very awkward.

Jana couldn’t see Bell, but Bell was always up for a hug, and where stubs used to be, she felt new limbs, indistinguishable from Bell’s original ones. Larry had done a great job fixing Bell up, but even he couldn’t fix all of Bell’s issues.

As their days together grew into weeks and months, she found hints of why Bell’s previous owner would have discarded her. As Bell had warned her when they first met, the doll clung to her like a toddler, and there were some concepts that she just couldn’t grasp. Then again, she was just a doll. That Bell could do what she did was already amazing.

Of course, it was easy to be generous with her opinions in good times. On days when the world crumbled around her, would she look at these characteristics as fondly?

Her fingers tightened around the tiny hand as her mind batted away her concerns.

Bell had already been abandoned once. Jana didn’t pick her up so Bell could be abandoned again.



“Tiny” was a word I used to describe Bell in Perfect Junk, posted one day before this. So I thought, why not continue that story?

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