Drabble: Songless

Written in response to the prompt banned.

Genre: angst



She longed to stay again, but the creation of any sound had been banned since the twins took over five years ago. Unintentional sounds like a baby’s cries and groans of pain could be appealed, but to intentionally sing a song would only invite trouble.

Long ago, when every occasion was celebrated with laughter and music, she wanted to be a songstress. Her voice wasn’t very polished then, but she had the potential.

Now, there were days where she forgot how her own voice sounded like, scattered among the months and years where she wrestled between keeping her freedom and ignoring it all if it meant she could burst into song whenever she liked. So far, she leaned more to the former, but day by day, the latter option tugged at her.

Her mouth opened. Just a word. Something to remind her she had a voice. They might not catch her if she was quiet.

Her survival instincts closed her mouth before any sound escaped. The defiant moment passed, and her bravery fled. Shoulders slumped, she continued her journey.



Years ago, I read a very short piece of a character who lived among nuns and wasn’t allowed to say anything. For a short story (even shorter than this one), it’s been stuck in my head for a very long time. The prompt reminded me of that story, so I decided to make my own version.

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