For The Missing Ones

Written in response to the prompt protest.


~For The Missing Ones~

The first time her family found out about her little brother’s super power, she was arguing with him. She couldn’t remember what the fight was about anymore, but it was enough to make her little brother so angry he hit the dining table and shattered it like crispy sugar.

For a long time, all of them remained frozen in place. Then…

“What was that?”

Equal parts bashful and disappointed, her brother told them about his new abilities. Finding out that her little brother was one of those people with super powers was a shock, but not as shocking as what happened later that night. Someone broke into the house, and no one noticed until the next morning when they found her little brother gone and his room trashed.

This happened during the early days when people with super powers was on the verge of changing from rumour to fact. It wasn’t hard to read between the lines and link her brother’s disappearance to the local council’s promise to protect ‘public order’.

Wasn’t her brother part of the ‘public’? What happened to human rights?

She was fully prepared to fight the council and its secret army herself to get her little brother back, but it turned out she wasn’t alone. There were others whose loved ones had ‘gone missing’.

They banded together to organise protests aimed to expose the kidnappings and fight for the freedom of current and future super powered individuals. Their numbers grew as more people disappeared, but it wasn’t until the right people joined the cause that things changed.

Now, they had a team inside the office negotiating for new rules to protect these new group, while the rest of them waited outside in fear and hope.

Fear not, little brother. No matter the outcome, I will not rest until you return home.


This takes place between Hands of Destruction and Destroy to Create, which are both written from the point of view of the little brother. The connection just happened as I was brainstorming the prompt, so I ran with it 🙂

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