Drabble: Bitter Medic

Inspired by the prompt treasure.

Genre: fantasy, superpowers


~Bitter Medic~

His sister had been the Sweet Medic for a few months before he stepped up to join her as the Bitter Medic. Because of that, most people thought his abilities developed later, when in reality, it was the other way around. In fact, if not for him, his sister might not have realised she had powers when she developed it later.

So why was it his sister who debuted first?

His sister had an ability that was undeniably positive. Who didn’t want a walking miracle cure? His ability, on the other hand, was less straightforward.

The public thought he was an inferior healer who required his patients to sacrifice their treasures in exchange for healing. They were right, and wrong at the same time.

He wasn’t a very powerful healer, because his powers weren’t about healing in the first place. His actual ability allowed him to do anything as long as the right price was paid, similar to the concept of equivalent exchange.

In the wrong hands with the right price, this ability could be catastrophic. So while his sister went ahead and shared her special powers with the world, he held back and spent the extra time to think of a different way to frame his ability.

Finally, he settled with his current persona as the Bitter Medic. For the sake of the world, he was willing to pretend to be an inferior healer who could only heal wounds at a bitter price.



Bitter Medic’s ability is inspired by the owner of the shop which grants wishes in the xxxholic manga and the principle of equivalent exchange from Fullmetal Alchemist. It would be interesting to explore the ability further in future stories.

For those who are interested, Sweet Medic can also be found in Little Acts of Kindness.

Check out The Right Price for more Bitter Medic.

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