Drabble: Missing Time

No Going Back | The Price of Sacrifice | Looking for the Right Melody | Missing Time

My response to the prompt missing. Takes place after No Going Back, The Price of Sacrifice, and Looking for the Right Melody. It’ll be good to read those first before continuing.

Genre: fantasy, family


~Missing Time~

“Good morning.” His mother gave him a hug as he walked past.

He returned the hug. “Morning.”

“Good morning,” his father said as he flipped the pancakes.


“Morning, big bro!” Thin arms wrapped around his waist from behind. He reached back and patted his little sister’s shoulder.

“Morning, little sis.”

Another squeeze, and his sister skipped off to take her seat at the dining table. He followed her to his own spot across from her.

For him, it was only less than a week ago that he sacrificed his mind to save his sister, but for the rest of the world, it was more than a year. It was unbelievable how many things could change in one year. Technology was different, friends were stepping out into their own plans, and even his family had picked up all kinds of new quirks, like dropping in to check on him a hundred times a day.

His fingers ghosted over the bead that hung on a chain around his neck.

So much of what should be familiar felt strange to him right now, but he would catch up. And hopefully, he would never lose his mind again.



Don’t think this was done very well, but it’s pretty much the next day already, and I can’t fiddle with this forever. Hope it’s still coherent and enjoyable.

Until next time 🙂

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