Not Just Decoration

Inspired by the prompt abide.

Genre: fantasy


~Not Just Decoration~

Lavi watched the three trainees fidget before him.

Two hours ago, a dangerous specimen broke out of its containment unit in the lab and would have mauled everyone around it if Shadow had not happened to be on the scene to stop it.

Now the specimen was back in containment without hurting anyone, but things weren’t over yet. There were three reasons that specimen managed to escape, and they were all right in front of him in his office.

“Tell me what happened,” Lavi said.

The troublemakers exchanged glances. Finally, the one on the right spoke up. “It was an accident.”

A vein throbbed on his forehead.

“So you accidentally knew the two different passcodes you needed to reach the containment unit and accidentally angered the specimen enough for it to smash its way out to smash you.”

Silence, then the one on the left blurted out, “It was a dare. We were supposed to touch the unit and get out.”

“Did you notice a sign on the unit?” Lavi asked.

Two out of three heads nodded.

“What did it say?”

“… Do not touch,” said the one on the left.

“And what did you do?”

“Touch it.”

“What do you think that sign’s there for? Decoration? You’re lucky Shadow was there. If anyone had died, you would be kicked out of the program and banned from returning. We don’t care if you have super strength. Outside the wall, Fighters who can’t follow simple instructions are a danger to their own team. Do you understand?”

The trainees nodded.

“As punishment, you are suspended indefinitely from your training.”

The trainees started. The one in the middle opened his mouth but his friends pinched him before he could say anything. Lavi pretended he saw nothing and continued.

“Instead, you will report to the same lab you broke into as assistants and do everything they tell you to do. You will only be allowed back to your training after you have proven that you have the ability to follow instructions. If you still can’t follow instructions, then your journey as a Fighter ends. Any questions?”

They shook their heads. Lavi looked past the trainees to the researcher behind them.

“That’s it from me. They’re all yours.”

Despite what he said, they needed all the Fighters they could get. For the sake of the city, he hoped the trainees would find their way back into their program. If they learnt some new skills along the way, even better.



Abide is synonymous with obey, which the trainees in this story didn’t do. But it’s still related, so I’m posting it up as my response to the prompt. Hope the story makes sense.

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