Drabble: Get Out

Written in response to the prompt flee.

Genre: general


~Get Out~

“Get out!”

The cup missed him by a hair’s breadth and smashed against the wall behind him.

“Now!”  his master said.

“I can’t. They’ll kill you,” he said.

“They won’t kill me. But they will kill you if you stay.”


He took a step forward. His maser grabbed the jug off the table and threw it at him. Once again, the glass missed him and hit the wall.

“I won’t leave you,” he said.

His master reached for the table again, then dropped his hand to his side.

“If you don’t get out,” his master said, “Who will get help?”

“Get help?”

“That’s your job. Get out of here without getting caught and find help outside. Can you do that?”

He narrowed his eyes. Was that just an excuse to make him leave?

“Or do I need to find someone else to do it?” his master said.

“I’ll do it.” He was his master’s best servant. Other people may fail, but he wouldn’t let his master down.

“Then you need to get out now.”

“Yes, Master.”

He headed towards the window and climbed out.

“I’ll be back,” he said.

“Stay safe.”

He slipped out of the room and ran.



I’ve been writing a lot of connected one-shots recently, so I decided to work on something that stands alone. It turned into something that reads like a prologue XP

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