Drabble: Silver Coins

My response to the prompt maddening.

Genre: general


~Silver Coins~

She put the coins back with maddening slowness. One silver at a time, so that they didn’t roll off the counter again.

Behind her, he pressed his lips together in a line because he was afraid that if he opened his mouth, the words that rushed out would get him kicked out of the shop.

The lady had been paying for one cup of coffee for forever. He wanted to ask her to hurry up, but he was brought up to treat women well and to respect the elderly. This lady was both, and there was no way he could talk to her without blowing up.

Finally, the lady put down her last coin. The cashier dinged, and the transaction was done. Next came his biggest achievement of the day: smiling instead of growling as the lady walked past. Once the counter was clear, he stepped forward.

“Table 7 please.”

“Your meal has already been paid for by the previous customer.”


He turned around, but the lady was already gone.



The first sentence is example sentence Google gave me when I was checking what maddening meant. I saw the sentence, thought, Why not?, and just ran with it.


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