Forced Relaxation

My  response to the prompt relax.

Genre: fantasy, action


~Forced Relaxation~

Her heartbeat pounded like a frightened rabbit in her ears. Edmund stood guard at the door and struck down all who tried to enter, but he couldn’t keep it up forever. She needed to help him, and the best way to do that was to sleep.

She breathed in and out, deeper and slower with each attempt. At the same time, she made her body relax, starting from her toes upwards. In her mind, she blocked off all the panic and mayhem outside.

Relax. She had to relax.

She dashed down the stairs she always used to dive into her dreams. The stairs were just a tool, but it had worked before, and it worked now. She reached the gateway in her dreams and leaped through.

Outside, a pair of red eyes opened.

These intruders were not monsters, so she would go easy on them, but none will escape.

She appeared behind them and knocked them all out in one blow.

Her job was done. What happened to them next was up to Lavi.



The piece alludes to a lot of other information that isn’t really talked about here. Hopefully, it still makes sense.


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