Drabble: The Gold Card

Written in response to the prompt fortune.

Genre: general


~The Gold Card~

There was a card on the ground.

He crouched down and wrapped his arms around his knees. Up close, the card looked like gold. There were words on it too. He didn’t know what they meant, but they looked fancy.

He looked up and turned his head this way and that. There was no one around. He picked up the card and straightened. His free hand pushed his imaginary smart people glasses.

The detective was on the case.

Back home, he turned on the computer. Just like how Daddy taught him to, he copied the words on the card into the empty long square on the computer and clicked the button. A lot of words popped up. It was scary, but he didn’t give up, because detectives didn’t give up.

After a lot of reading, he found where the card was from. He showed what he found to Mummy, who drove him to the place he found. With the help of the nice lady at the counter, he found the owner of the card, a big, important-looking man.

“You found me yourself?” the man said.

“The lady helped me.”

“How old are you?”

“Eight years and…” He counted in his head. “Seven months!”

The man smiled. “Very smart. It’s the school holidays now, isn’t it? Do you have any plans?”

He looked at Mummy. Mummy shook her head.


“Would you like to attend a special program in my company?”

He looked at Mummy again. This time, she nodded.


The ‘special program’ went from two months, to one year, to all the way through high school. Both sides were pleasantly surprised by how beneficial their relationship was. The man had found himself a great successor, while the boy had stumbled across the best mentor he could ask for in the art of growing fortune.

And it all started with a gold card on the ground.



I started writing with the idea of linking the gold card to a large fortune. The story mutated into something else instead XP


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