Drabble: A Little Exploring

My response to the prompt discover.

Genre: general, slice of life


~A Little Exploring~

It was the same street she walked every day to class, but unlike every other day, she wasn’t rushing to class.

Time to do a little exploring.

She slipped into the less used side street and strolled past the little shops inside. Many of them were actually small restaurants that offered cuisines from all kinds of cultures. She added a few to her mental list of ‘places to eat’.

As nice as a new eating spot was, she made a better discovery. Tucked in between a tiny office and a grocery shop was a cafe that specialised in tea, and in that cafe worked the new love of her life. She decided there and then that from today, she was a tea lover.

She stepped in. He looked up from the counter.

“Hi there, Miss. How can I help you?”



Just wanted to do something a little nonsensical. Hope you enjoyed it.

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