Scattered Pieces

My response to the prompt retreat. Takes place before Giving His All, Hearing It All, The Last Piece, and Full Attention.

Genre: fantasy


~Scattered Pieces~

The mission had been going well until one of the monsters they were fighting tumbled into another monster’s nest. For a few moments, the two clans fought each other, then they noticed the team of humans among them and shifted their attention accordingly.

The team was already tired after spending most of the day tracking and killing more than half of the monsters from their target clan. With the monsters from the new clan joining in the fight, it was like they were starting their mission all over again, except they didn’t get reinforcements.

“Retreat,” Alan said.

They turned and ran. The monsters chased after them. Ezra duplicated himself and left the copies behind as decoys. A handful of monsters turned their attention to his fragments, but the majority still chased after them. The team was too tired to outrun the monsters, so Ezra could only make more and more copies to slow the monsters down.

By the time they returned to the safety behind the city wall, there were dozens of Ezra’s scattered around the wasteland, with more pieces appearing when a copy shattered into fragments instead of dying.

He was not looking forward to the mammoth task of getting all those pieces back again.



As I was brainstorming ideas for the prompt, I remembered referring to the mission that led to Giving His All and Hearing It All, so I combined the two and this story was born.

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