Drabble: The Day She Crossed Paths with a Supervillian

My response to the prompt crossing.

Genre: fantasy, superpowers


~The Day She Crossed Paths with a Supervillian~

She left the house for one reason and one reason only.

Buy honey.

Standing before the only bottle of honey left on the shelf, it felt like everyone else had the same idea. Better grab it before…

A hand took the last bottle.

A strangled cry left her mouth. The man who took the honey started beside her.

“Excuse me, Miss, did you want this?” he asked.

“Ah. Sorry. No. Mm. It’s ok,” she stammered. How could she take it? It would be like she was robbing him.

“You can have it,” he said and slipped the honey into his clothes. “In exchange, be my hostage for a few hours.”

“… Huh?”

The roof exploded above them. He caught her with one arm and changed into his costume with a swipe of the other. As if she weighed nothing at all, he carried her and ran up the shelves to leap onto the roof.

“Good morning, super ladies and hero-men. Time to play.”

Inside her mind, she shed a few tears.

She just wanted some honey.


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