Playing Monopoly with kids

For the Chinese, Chinese New Year is a time where extended families gather together from all around the world, and friends and relatives visit each other.

Which means kids. And this set of kids I ended up with one day wanted to play Monopoly.

There were six of us, so we randomly split into three groups of two. Already, we had an issue. Someone wanted to team with someone else. Fortunately, no one else actually cared, so it didn’t become a big deal.

So we distributed the money, chose our tokens, and started the game. It was pretty normal, other then the fact that theth kids had trouble remembering whose turn it was (maybe that, too, is normal). One team was super unfortunate, but they didn’t fuss much, which was great. One team that had a lot of money actually decided not to buy a house when they could because they would ‘lose money’.

After some time, one kid introduced the rule that people could ‘cheat’ if they give all the teams 1000 Monopoly money (bribery!). In this case, it let the rich team get a hotel straightaway for their property. But that wasn’t all. They rolled a special red dice to get a ‘3’, and that let them roll four times in a row during their turn for the rest of the game.

The rest of the game kinda fell apart some time afterwards. I don’t remember who won. I left when they said they would start counting to see who won. I’m pretty sure they didn’t really do it in the end though.


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