Drabble: The Party

Faded colours, bland food, vacant faces, and worst of all, lukewarm coffee. If this was their idea of a party, she didn’t want to be at their funeral.

One of the hosts cut through the crowd to her side.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

She forced a smile.


“Good to hear. Just make yourself at home.” The host helpfully topped her cup with more lukewarm coffee before heading off to talk to another guest.

She stared down into the dark liquid and reminded herself that she was here to support her friends’ very fragile self-esteem. Saying a silent apology to her taste buds, she took a gulp of the terrible coffee.

“How’s the coffee?” asked host number two who appeared out of nowhere. She almost choked on the dark liquid. All she could do was nod.

“Great. Have some more.”

She could only smile as she cried inside.



Genre: slice of life



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