Drabble: Secret Hideout

Genre: general


The boy led his friend into the abandoned hut half buried in the ground.

“What do you think?” the boy asked.

The friend looked around, noting the furniture and shelves and all the nooks and crannies they could hide in if they wanted to.

“This looks amazing.”

“‘This’ is also taken,” a third voice said.

People stepped out from their hiding spots, filling up the room in moments. The two boys stepped back.

“Sorry kids, but we were here first. Go home.”

Behind the speaker, someone played with a knife. The friend looked ready to run, but the other boy didn’t look like he would give up that quickly.

“If you want a secret hideout,” the man said before the boy did something stupid, “There is a treehouse near the river. You can try that.”

That seemed to pacify the first boy, and both boys scampered out.

The group settled back into their seats and the meeting resumed.

“So, back to the plan. What do we do about the metal detectors?”



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