Short Story: A Different Kind of Hero

Genre: superpowers, fantasy


If there was ever a competition to decide who had the lamest superpower, she would win. Hands down. No contest. What was this super lame superpower she had?

The ability to remove any stain.

By singing.

Ink stains, grass stains, blood stains, any stains. Sing a short song and they were all gone. It was a useful ability to have, but definitely not superhero material. So when she received the form asking which alignment she would be for the year, she skipped past ‘superhero’ and ‘supervillain’ and chose ‘neutral’.

She hit a rough patch halfway through the year, and in an effort to earn some extra money, she set up a little stall at the local market to offer her stain removal services.

It turned out that people needed amazing stain removal more than they needed superheroes. News of her ability to sing the toughest stains away spread and her little stall exploded into an international business with job requests flying to her from every part of the world. She became a different kind of hero. A saviour of clothes.

That power was still super lame.



The inspiration for this story came from a Miraculous Ladybug/Avengers fanfic What the Cat Dragged In. The incident that sets off an important event in the story is someone’s carefully handcrafted white gown getting stained by wine. Later in the story, the characters offers to try and get the stain out, which I assume means sending it to a professional cleaner. At that point, I wondered what would it be like if someone had the power to remove stains.

And this story was born.


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