First Kiss

Genre: fantasy, superpowers


There were many things Patricia thought her first kiss would be. Romantic, gentle, loving, maybe a little awkward, but definitely with someone she actually knew.

She didn’t know this stranger.

A rushed apology was the only warning she received before a girl pinned her against the wall and smashed their lips together. Twice. Patricia squirmed and pushed against the other girl but it was like fighting a wall.

“I’m Super Scout,” the girl said in a rush, “You might have heard of me before. My superpower is the ability to identify superpowers in other people. Good news. You have superpowers. You can create illusions. Your price is one kiss to use that ability for one minute.”

Super Scout kissed her twice again, dismissing Patricia’s attempts to dodge her with embarrassing ease.

“I have a second ability. I can use other people’s superpowers at double the price for half the results. Right now, I’m borrowing your powers at two kisses for thirty seconds of an illusion of me leading my pursuers somewhere else. I can’t let them catch me or bad things will happen to people like you.”

Another two kisses.

“I have another illusion around us so it looks like you’re alone on the phone. Can we go somewhere more private? In exchange, I’ll help you. Deal?”

As if the other girl would accept ‘no’ for an answer.

Patricia nodded.

“Great. Let’s go.”

A dozen more kisses later, they were seated at the table in a small cafe. The background noise covered Super Scout’s voice as she briefed Patricia on the many unseen perils of being a superhuman, tips on how to protect herself, organisations to be wary of, how to endear herself to the public…

“What if I don’t want to be a superhero?” Patricia asked.

“You can be neutral. Or a supervillain. If that’s what you want.”

“I mean, what if I just want to be normal?”

Super Scout sent her a look.

“We both know that’s not true. I know there are hundreds of superhumans out there, but superpowers are actually very rare. It’ll be a shame for you to ignore what you have.”

Patricia ran her fingers over the condensation on her glass. Having superpowers was exciting, and she would love to use her special ability, if she didn’t have to turn into a kissing monster to use it. She pressed her lips together, which were still a little swollen from Super Scout’s kiss attacks.

“Kissing isn’t a bad price, you know,” Super Scout said softly, “Better than losing a little more of your future every time you use it.”

Put that way, she certainly had the better deal, but that didn’t mean she had to accept kissing everyone as her new normal just like that.

Super Scout held out a hand. “Your phone. Gimme.”

“Why?” Patricia asked even as she handed her phone over.

“So you can call me when you’re ready. I promised you I’ll help you, and I keep my promises.”

Patricia did need the number in the end. She had jealously guarded her lips in the past because she wanted her first kiss to be special. Her first kiss was already gone, so the rest of her kisses were just another form of physical contact.

If she told herself that long enough, she might actually believe it one day.



Interested in Patricia’s ability? Check out Rescue Kiss.

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