The Right Price

Genre: fantasy


“I can give you the outcome you desire, as long as you can pay the price.”

This was the part where people reacted differently. The rich magnanimously offered a small fraction of their vast fortune, the poor warily warned him that they didn’t have much to give, and the desperate brokenly promised to give anything he asked for.

Then he told him the price, and that was the part where people reacted the same way.


Not just because money, the answer to everything, wasn’t what he wanted, but because the price he asked was often something they didn’t expect. He asked for memories, skills, attachments, emotions, significant items, or a strange mix that no one would consider as currency.

This was the part were people reconsidered their desires and either accepted the price, negotiated, or backed away.

Bitter Medic kept his face blank, but inside, he prayed his current client chose the last option.

She didn’t.

He reached out and switched her clear eyes with her lover’s scarred ones.

Please, don’t let this be another senseless self-sacrifice.



Bitter Medic also appears in Bitter Medic. (That sounds weird XP)

His sister appears in Little Acts of Kindess.

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