Behind the Kisses

Takes place after First Kiss.
Genre: fantasy, superpowers

“The trick to a good alter ego,” said Inna AKA Super Scout, “Is not to create a completely different person.”

“Why not?” Patricia asked.

“It’s hard to maintain. And you don’t want to give yourself an identity crisis after pretending to be someone else for a few years.”

“Then what do I do?” Patricia drew random squiggles on the pillow with her fingers.

“Design your alter ego and your civilian identity at the same time. They’ll both be you, but you’ll emphasise different sides of you. Like how some people can be the perfect kid for their parents at home and a giant nightmare for the teachers in school.”

“I can do that.”

“Brainstorming time!” Inna announced and threw a giant sheet of paper over the coffee table. “Let’s start with how you’ll collect kisses from people.”

They decided very quickly that civilian Patricia would be the kind of person who would ask politely for a kiss. For super Patricia, Inna had plenty of outrageous ideas, but Patricia, the one who would actually play the part, had the final say, and her final say was a neutral who treated kisses as a well-known price people had to pay if they wanted her services. One kiss for one minute because her power was worth it, not because she couldn’t do anything without kisses.

Once they settled on that, the rest followed naturally. Civilian Patricia would just be her normal self. Super Patricia’s defining characteristic that set her apart from civilian Patricia was how much she didn’t care about what other people think. If other people got offended or didn’t agree, too bad. She was getting her kisses no matter what.

“We did good,” Inna said as she admired the large paper, now covered with scribbles and drawings from their fruitful brainstorming session.

Patricia nodded.

“Let’s burn it.”

Patricia’s head snapped up to look at Inna.

“Unless you want to leave it around for other people to find it.” Inna shrugged.

“Let’s burn it,” Patricia quickly agreed.

“Knew you’ll see it my way.” Inna grinned and flicked a lighter on cue.

Within minutes, the only evidence left of their brainstorming session was a tray of ashes, which Inna dumped down the sink.

“Just in case there’s someone with a superpower that can turn those ashes back into paper. You never know,” was Inna’s explanation.

Well, this was it. She was going to be a superhuman. One of the special ones. She could do this. She was ready!


~Check out what happens after in Wavering Kisses~

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