Drabble: Secret Hand Signs

Genre: slice of life, humour


He finally pressed his fingers into place.

“How about that?”

His friend laughed.

“You just insulted me.” She presented her own hand. “This is how you do it.”

They were both the same!

“You’re pretty close. It’s just this finger.” She tucked his little finger halfway behind his ring ringer. “There you go.”

He looked at his hand and the pretzel his fingers had twisted into. “What part of this is subtle?”

“You only say that because you know what to look for. I started two years ago. Did you notice?”

“… No.”

“There you go. Don’t worry. With practice you can make it look natural.”

Her hand flowed from one sign to the next as she talked. She was trying to be encouraging, but seeing all the little nuances he still had to learn just stressed himself out even more.

“You can always give up if it’s too hard.” Her fingers twisted into a sign he definitely recognised. He scowled and pulled his fingers into the sign for ‘determined’.

“I can keep going.”

“You just called yourself a mum.”

He growled and threw his hands into the air. One day, he would learn the stupid signs, and it would be his turn to laugh.



Nuance reminded me of a fanfiction I read ages ago that featured fan language. Writing about fan language felt too much like copying, so I tried to come up with something else. The characters aren’t really signing. They’re just making their own hand gestures, like how we sometimes make our own secret languages.

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