Drabble: Two is Better than One

Genre: general, fantasy, family


He sank into the healing pool with a sigh. His twin brother hovered anxiously at the edge.

“Does it still hurt? Do you need anything?” his brother asked.

“I’m fine. Calm down.”

His twin kept quiet, but squeezed his hand with trembling fingers instead.

When they were younger, their favourite game was to switch places and watch how long it took before people noticed they had switched, if anyone noticed at all.

Almost two decades later, they were still playing the same game, but instead of switching places, they were two people pretending to be one person.

His brother had the ideas, he had the charisma. His brother hated attention, he loved the spotlight. Together, they made a much better king for their country than they would as individuals. It was perfect.

Even if he was the one who got hurt when people attacked him because they didn’t like what his brother did. His brother was brilliant, but even he couldn’t please everyone, and, well, that was what the healing pool was for. Immerse his wounds in the ancient water long enough and even the most stubborn wounds would fade without leaving a mark behind.

He knew his brother didn’t like how he was the one taking all the risk, but he was the younger brother. That he was allowed to be involved in leading his country at all was more than many of his aunts and uncles could say.

Besides, there was no way he could throw his ridiculously soft-hearted brother out alone to the wolves out there pretending to be their subjects. He’d be eaten alive.


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