Drabble: Just Another Ordinary Day

Genre: fantasy


“How was your day?” his classmate asked.

It started with a sudden awakening when the werewolf next door accidentally smashed a hole in his wall trying to turn off his alarm. Eyes still heavy with sleep, he rushed over with his staff and cast an illusion over the damage before the normal folks noticed.

On the way back, he found someone’s familiar stalking a human. He managed to snatch the familiar away before something irreversible happened, but his reputation wasn’t as lucky.

Breakfast… what breakfast? He needed all his limbs, mundane and magical, to keep the familiar contained until its master came.

Then it was time for class, and he barely remembered to leave his seven foot staff behind before leaving the house.

Not that he could share any of that with his completely unmagical human friend.

He shrugged. “Just another ordinary day.”


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