His Territory

Genre: fantasy


Growing up, he had always been told that beyond the city wall was an endless wasteland filled with monsters. In reality, there was plenty of fertile soil out there. The only challenge was staying alive long enough to reap the benefits.

The self-preserving side of him was content to stay in the city like everyone else and enjoy the safety provided by the wall, his entrepreneurial side saw the opportunity and found the risk worth taking.

Without any super strength or special abilities, it was hard to convince people that he could survive outside where all the monsters were. But when he camped outside So he designed and created anti-monster weapons to prove he could defend himself.

When that wasn’t enough, he camped outside for a whole week, relying only on his own tools to keep the monsters away. After that, it was a lot easier to convince people to let him go out and carve out his own territory beyond the wall. He even managed to get a few people to join him. Which was great, because he couldn’t stay awake forever to do guard duty.

Two monsters crossed his sensors on the edge of his territory.

He snapped out of his musings and picked up a rifle. Hidden out of sight, he waited for them to draw closer.

The monsters crossed a second invisible line, and the passive defences he buried in ground burst out to stun the monsters. He aimed. Two shots. Two dead monsters.

He scanned the vast land for any other monsters. None popped into view. He switched his rifle for a gun and a harvesting knife and approached the bodies.

No point in wasting perfectly good materials.


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