Camp NaNoWriMo part 6

As the title suggests, this is part of an ongoing project. Go to the first part here or the previous part here.

Genre: slice of life, family


“You know what we want, Beauris.

She froze. How did he know their true family name?

“Tell me anyway.”

“I’m not telling you anything.”

“Then you don’t get what you want. Darius, get some rope.”

Having successfully sent the outsider out of the room, her uncle dropped the act.

“Barty, what’s wrong with you? Snap out of it.”

Barty snarled and threw himself against them. They threw their weight back on him.

“Something’s not right,” her uncle said.

“You know him?” she asked.

“He’s our distantly related cousin. Don’t tell your parents I told you. They’re supposed to tell you when you come of age.”

“Tell me more. I’ll pretend I don’t know anything if they ask.” She sent him her best ‘innocent niece’ look.

“That stopped working years ago, you know that right?”

She didn’t give up until Barty bucked beneath them. Her uncle swore.

“What happened to you?”

Barty only replied with a snarl.

Darius returned soon after with the rope and they returned to being strangers again, brought together by a series of coincidents. They bound Barty’s limbs against his body.

“I’ll call the police,” Darius said.

“Don’t. Let me handle this,” her uncle said.

“Are you sure? He’s dangerous.”

“100%. I have it under control. Leave him to me.”

Darius didn’t look convinced, but his trust in her uncle was stronger than his doubts. He helped them move Barty to the study and used the leftover rope to tie him to the chair before heading to his room for a post-run shower.

Not knowing how much time they had before Darius returned, she jumped straight to the point the moment she was sure Darius wouldn’t double back into the room.

“Family history lesson. Let’s go,” she said.

Her uncle sent her an amused smile before starting with a theatrical, “Once upon a time, there were three siblings. The oldest brother could bring things to life, the middle sister could bring dreams to life, and the youngest brother could bring words to life.”

Then he dropped the storyteller tone. “They grew up, had kids, and those kids inherited their powers. For their own safety, they kept their powers secret and stayed together in their own family estate. They lived as one big family until a few generations ago because of an argument over something stupid. Since then, we don’t keep in touch anymore, but attacking each other is new. What exactly attacked you this morning?”

The attack had only happened hours ago, but she found it hard to remember anything other than the strange green fire that spread everywhere and refused to go out but didn’t burn anything.

Her uncle tapped his fingers against his knee at the description.

“Green fire that doesn’t burn. That sounds like… Hmm…”

“You know who did it?”



“You won’t know even if I tell you.”

She frowned.

“But if you’re good, I’ll bring you with me. And you really can’t tell your parents about this because he’s one of our distant relatives we’re not supposed to talk to anymore.”

Someone cut in, “So you do know each other.”

It was Darius at the door.

~Continue the story here~


Me when I’m wrapping up the part: let’s throw a question in here to hook people into reading the next part
Me when I start the next part: *quietly freaking out* What’s the answer? What’s the answer?

That’s basically Camp NaNoWriMo for me so far.

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