Camp NaNoWriMo part 7

Hey there. This is part 7 of an ongoing story. Start from the beginning here, or check out the previous chapter here.


Genre: general

“That was quick,” her uncle said with a smile.

“I was here the whole time.” Darius didn’t look as amused. There was a tension in his voice that wasn’t there before.

“The whole time as in?”

“I never left.”

“So you heard the whole thing.”

“Pretty much.”

The conversation stopped there. Even Barty was quiet. In the sudden silence, her own breathing sounded too loud in her ears.

“We had a deal,” Darius said.

“You remembered that?” her uncle said.

“I lost my memories, not the ability to remember things. You promised to help me.” Towards the end, Darius’ controlled anger faded into quiet disappointment.

“I did, and I am,” her uncle said in a soft tone she had never heard him use before. Jealousy stirred in her but she squashed it down. They had squabbled over everything and anything her whole life, of course he wasn’t going to suddenly stop treating her like a little kid and treat her like a proper adult.

“But something has happened with my family, and I need to help them too. I plan to leave tonight. You may join us if you want.”

“What about your friend Barty?” Darius waved at their captive.

“Distant cousin, actually. I’ll deal with him. I know someone who can help. In the meantime. Darius, go bath. Lily, you too. If you’re not ready when I leave I’m leaving without you.”

With that, her uncle threw them out of the room and closed the door.

“Hey!” She slammed her fists against the door.

The door didn’t budge.

“You can shower first,” Darius offered, “I have some clothes that will fit you.”

Pinching her uncle would just have to wait.

“Thank you.”

After spending most of the day running for her life, the warm water against her skin felt great. Not as great were her thoughts, which soon wandered to her family. Where was her brother now? Did he manage to escape or had he been captured because of her? Where were her parents? Her relatives? Who else were her relatives? What else didn’t she know?

She scrubbed furiously at her skin.

Today was supposed to be special. Not because it was a significant date for any of them, but because they had planned a rare day out for themselves. Just the four of them having a meal outside and a little walk afterwards. It wasn’t much, but as the current family head her parents had little time for themselves, and her brother had so much duties as the future heir he didn’t have much personal time either. The best they could spare for each other was the daily family breakfast, but even that would be interrupted from time to time.

What if she never saw them again?

She shook her head. Her family was strong. The strongest people she knew. They wouldn’t be defeated that easily. Her job now was to stay strong and keep the pendant safe. She would find her brother again and return the pendant to him, and everything would go back to normal. They would be fine.

That night, her uncle didn’t come back.

~Continue here~


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