Camp NaNoWriMo part 8

Genre: general

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He had a mother, Darius knew that. He couldn’t remember her name or how she looked like, but he had heard her voice when she made a deal with Walter before she disappeared. Since then, Walter had taken over his mother’s room, and Darius had packed all her personal items in the storeroom for safekeeping until the day she returned.

It was those items that he searched through now for something that Lily could wear. A part of him mused that he should feel… more than apathetic going through his missing mother’s clothes, but the fabrics sparked no memories for him.

As for the undergarments, fortunately for both of them, he had packed those into their own box last time. He bypassed all the awkwardness by passing the whole box to Lily. Whether she chose to use any of them or stick to her own was up to her.

Walter and his cousin were already gone when it was Darius’ turn at the shower. The older man was still missing when Darius cooked dinner. A little concerned, Darius sent a text message but received no reply. It was only after day had turned to night that he really got worried.

“Pick up. Pick up,” he muttered as he listened to the dial tone until it turned into Walter’s voicemail. The third time in five minutes.

Had he been kicked out of the loop again? How many times was it now? Twice? Three times?

“Do you know where Walter is?” he asked Lily.

She shook her head.

“Did he come back?” Maybe he missed his housemate when he was in the shower.

She shook her head.

“Do you think he left without us?”

She didn’t reply. A shiver ran up his spine.

“Well, it’s late. You can have Walter’s room. I’ll get you the toiletries.”

He called Walter again and again with no success until he finally gave up in favour of sleep, but once he woke up the next morning, he was back at it again. One calls, two calls, five.

“Stop calling! I’m coming. Geez,” an annoyed Walter said on the other end. A weight rolled off his shoulders.

“Why didn’t you pick up?”

“I was busy. Is there something you want to tell me?”


“Then I’m hanging up. I’ll be back soon.”

Walter hung up. Darius slipped his phone into his pocket.

He must have been louder than he thought, because Lily poked her head into the room.

“Was that Walter?”


“What did he say?”

“He’s on the way back.” Darius headed for the door. “Breakfast?”

“Yes please.”

They ate in silence, each wrapped in their own thoughts. It was uncomfortable and awkward, but she didn’t look like she was in the mood to talk, and he didn’t have the heart to pry. He saved his questions for his housemate, the one who truly deserved it.

Finally, the door opened and Walter stepped in.

“What happened?” Lily asked.

“Food first. Questions later.” Walter helped himself to the rest of the food before joining them at the table. Ignoring them completely, he ate until he had polished everything off his plate. With a satisfied sigh, he leaned back in his chair.

“Now?” Lily asked.

“Yup. It’s story time kids. Listen up, because I’m only going to say it once.”

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