Camp NaNoWriMo part 9

Genre: family

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It started when the Sharoon, descended from the sister, lost their family heirloom. Some rumours said they had lost it for years, others said it had only disappeared recently, but all the stories agreed on one thing. The Sharoon believed that someone from the Beauris house had stolen their heirloom, and that was why they attacked the Beauris’ main house the day before.

But the ones who actually attacked the main house were not members of the Sharoon house, but Orania, descendants of the youngest brother. Sharoon’s current head had a unique talent for twisting the mind with dreams, and she had no problems using it on her distant relatives. In many ways, the Orania line were innocent victims dragged into someone else’s battle, but there were also signs that there could be more to them than just playing the role of brainwashed soldiers.

The Beauris were adamant that they had not stolen anything, but they had grown in power as surely as the Sharoon family had weakened, and that sowed seeds of doubt in all three family lines.

Each family had one family heirloom, passed down the generations from head to heir. It was a sign of prestige, not just because it was a symbol of authority, but because it contained immense power, enough to allow the holder to do the impossible.

What most of the family didn’t know was those heirlooms also amplified the power of those around it. It was the reason why the main family, who lived day to day in close contact with the family heirloom, had the strongest abilities, while the branch families, far from the heirloom, weakened from generation to generation until their children became just as powerless as everyone else.

None of the Beauris had shown signs of the Sharoon’s iconic ability to bring dreams to life, a sure indicator that the Sharoon heirloom was in their midst, but the main family was the strongest they had ever been since the original Beauris. The current heir, especially, was second to none, and he continued to grow stronger day by day. It was no wonder the Sharoon suspected the Beauris of stealing their heirloom.

“And that’s the situation right now,” her uncle finished, “To be continued.”

She wrapped her fingers around the pendant. It was large for an accessory, about the size of her palm, but barely weighed more than air. It was so light, half the time she forgot she was wearing it.

The heirlooms were a sign of prestige, but not many had actually seen it. Even she herself, despite being the daughter of the family head, had only caught glimpses of it throughout her life until her brother passed it to  her the day before.

She lifted the pendant to offer her uncle a better view. “Brother gave this to me yesterday. I think it’s an heirloom, but is this ours or theirs?”

Unfortunately, like her, her uncle wasn’t the heir, which meant they were both equally unfamiliar with how the heirlooms looked.

“I don’t know, but I hope it’s ours.”

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