Camp NaNoWriMo part 10

Genre: family

This is part of an ongoing story. To start from the beginning go here. To check out the previous part go here.


“Where is the heirloom?”

The crocodile-spider snapped at him, but he blocked the teeth and claws with his own made-up animal. They might have tied him down, but they couldn’t take his ability away from him.

He kept his silence. They hadn’t believed him no matter how much he insisted he hadn’t taken their heirloom, and there was no way he would lead them to his sister.

His interrogators tried again and again to find his greatest nightmares and bring them to life, but they could only bring out the physical monsters, when it was always the intangible demons that truly scared him. As long as they stuck to the physical, he was fine.

Eventually, they grew weary and left him alone in the dark cell, tied up with so many different bindings he was basically a glorified burrito. He couldn’t even move a single finger without meeting some resistance.

He made himself as comfortable as he could and stayed still. Earlier, he sent his little spies out to scout the situation outside his cell. They were tiny little things meant for stealth, and in the darkness, he didn’t want to miss them because the sound of his own movements covered theirs.

It wasn’t easy, but he treat it as just another training session. As the current heir and future head of Beauris, he couldn’t be seen fidgeting like a little kid, no matter what situation he was in. He was also responsible for the welfare of everyone in his house, and if anyone had been captured like him, it was his duty to get them out safely.

In ones and twos, his spies returned. Some brought information on the layout and patterns in the compound, others presented news of the people inside, friend and foe alike. He listened to all the reports and crafted his plan.

Many of those in the main house managed to escape, but the Beauris prisoners weren’t limited to those at the main house, but also the branch families as well. None of his immediate family appeared to be in the area, which was good and bad news. He was glad that they were safe, but he would have liked the extra help freeing everyone from the Sharoon estate.

As things stood, the odds weren’t in his favour. It sounded like the whole of the Sharoon line had gathered in the estate. That was a lot of desperate people to escape from.

To complicate things even further, the Orania family was in the building too, playing the role of guard, hostage, and prisoner at the same time. He hadn’t realised Minnie had become so skillful in her ‘parlour trick’, or so willing to abuse it on her own family.

It was hard to tell the time in the dark, so he let his body lead the way. When he felt tired, he didn’t fight the urge to sleep, just set his plans aside and slept.

“Hello, cousin.”

He snapped awake. Pins and needles ran up his limbs at the sudden movement. He hid his discomfort as much as he could.

“Hey, Minnie.” He sent the Sharoon head his most disarming smile. She responded by baring her teeth in a mockery of a smile.

“I heard you had something of mine,” she said.

“Whoever told you that needs better sources. You know I take family seriously.”

“I know. That’s why you won’t mind if I personally confirm that you’re telling the truth.”

Minnie leaned over him. Everything else faded away until only her flowing eyes remained. Wait. That wasn’t right. Minnie didn’t have red eyes. They did.

“Let’s see what demons you hide.”

~Continue here~


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