Camp NaNoWriMo part 11

Genre: general, drama?

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There was a very good reason why he left without telling anyone, and why he never contacted them afterwards even if it meant they had no idea if he was dead or alive. In an ideal world, he would continue to hide himself until he finished his task.

But the current situation wasn’t ideal, and he wasn’t part of the main family, not anymore, but family still came first. Breaking his own self-imposed exile was a small price to pay to help his family.

Alone in his study, he called a very familiar number.

“Baldemar speaking.”

“Hey, it’s Wilfredo. So I hear we’re facing a family crisis. What’s the plan?”

His brother, his stoic, high and mighty brother, sputtered like a broken engine on the other end. Wilfredo laughed so hard he didn’t hear what his brother said next. Eventually, they managed to wrestle themselves back under control and have a proper conversation.

When the main house was attacked, his brother took charge of evacuating everyone inside while his nephew acted as bait to lure their attackers away. Their original plan was for the branch families to take in the temporarily homeless members while they dealt with the situation, but what they found was ransacked homes and a lot of missing people. That his daughter was safe lifted a great weight off Baldemar’s shoulders, but there were still many more who needed to be found.

With Darius’ permission, he volunteered the house as a war room to plan their response. His brother gladly accepted the offer. Compared to the branch family’s homes, the Sharoon were less likely to look for them here, in a completely unrelated stranger’s house.

After Baldemar the family head was done, Baldemar the father stepped in.

“Is Luciano with you?” he asked.

Wilfredo dipped his head, even though his brother couldn’t see him over the phone. “No. Only Lilibeth.”

There was a pause at the other end.

“I see. Can I speak with her?”

“Just a moment.”

He stepped out of the study and called out, “Lily!”

His niece walked towards him. “Yes?”

He handed her the phone. “Your dad wants to talk to you.

She accepted the phone and pressed it tentatively to her ear. “Hello?”

He nudged her into the study as a smile lit her face. “Dad!”

Sporting his own smile, he closed the door to give her some privacy. As for him, his brother was arriving in an hour. Time to let the master of the house know.

He found his housemate upstairs in his room. Wilfredo leaned against the door frame.

“Darius, my brother will be here in an hour.”

Darius nodded. “How long will the family meeting take?”

“A few hours maybe. Why?”

“Do you remember if the library is open today?”

“I don’t know. Why do you ask?”

“So I have somewhere to go while you have your family meeting.”

Wilfredo’s breath caught in his chest. Darius sounded defeated, and it was painfully obvious that Darius was volunteering to go out because it hurt less than getting kicked out. The worst thing was… he wasn’t wrong. Wilfredo had very good reasons why he didn’t want Darius to get involved, but he couldn’t share any of them to soften the blow of exclusion.

Darius walked past him out of the room. “Just remember to tell me when you’re done.”

“I will.”

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