Camp NaNoWriMo part 16

Genre: general, introspective (is that a genre?)

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Minerva watched her cousin writhe before her. She didn’t like what she was doing to her own family, no matter how distantly related they were, but she was never the kind of person who let her own feelings stop her from doing what needed to be done.

By now, most of the family already knew that their heirloom was missing. It was hard not to when it was an elaborate hairpin the size of a palm that every single family head had worn in full display. Even the rare few patriarchs.

Only a handful of people understood what was truly at stake. The consequences of the lost heirloom was not obvious now, but in a few generations, it would be impossible to hide the main family’s growing weakness. In another few more generations, the Sharoon family would have weakened until they were no different from anyone else.

That was why she couldn’t hold back. The family had banded together to find their treasured heirloom, but she wouldn’t count on their continual support once the heirloom’s closely guarded secret was revealed.

She dug deeper into Luciano’s psyche and tugged at the shadows that haunted his mind. Her cousin had always been a worrier. Everyone else thought he had grown out of it as he left his childhood and became the Beauris heir.

They both knew better.

A whimper escaped Luciano’s lips. He pressed them together until they lost their colour. A single tear rolled down his face.

Stop fighting. Please.

The sound of a bell run twice cut through the silent agony. Her first reaction was relief, followed immediately by guilt.

They had unannounced trespassers.

She left the cell without a word, welcoming the distraction. Once out of earshot of the prisoners, she pulled out her phone and called the head of security.

“What’s the situation?”

Two different groups had snuck into the building from two different entry points, wich a suspected third group running around unseen in the compound. Their main goal would undoubtedly be to release the Beauris heir. Anything else they achieved in the meantime would just be an advantageous distraction.

The guards, both willing and otherwise, had already been alerted of the security breach. No matter where the intruders went, her family knew what they were doing. They weren’t going to let the uninvited guests reach their goal so easily. She could leave the other areas to them and focus on guarding her own space.

She grabbed someone’s nightmare of being unseen and pulled it over the corridor like a shroud. That should make a respectable obstacle for anyone trying to reach Luciano. And if they broke through the illusion, she would be there, ready for them.

A small part of her wanted them to succeed. The remnants of the childish “Minnie” who didn’t want to see her cousin “Lucy” hurt. The rest of her, current matriarch Minerva Sharoon, easily batted the naive sentiment away. She knew what her duties were. Finding the heirloom came first, no matter the cost. She would apologize for the rest of her life after that.

~Continue the story here~


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