Camp NaNoWriMo part 18

Genre: action

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Lilibeth wasn’t as strong or as talented as her brother, but that didn’t mean she was weak. Every Beauris had the ability to bring things to life, but the ability manifested in different ways in each person.

Her brother could take any material and twist it into any form he wanted with just a touch and a thought. She could only animate something that already had a form, usually statues and drawings, but the things she brought to life could take basic actions on their own.

In this case, it meant that she could bring a whole army with her and just throw them at her opponents. All she needed to do was point them to the right targets and make sure they didn’t kill anyone.

With her were four uncles, all chosen for their ability to create and get out of mischief. Together, they were the decoy team. Their job was to draw all attention to themselves and away from the other teams, who would do the actual search and rescue.

As she advanced through the building, part of her attempt at sowing confusion was to randomly throw doors open. If they were locked, she left it alone. If they weren’t, she threw them open with a bang and jumped in for a quick hit and run. She didn’t linger, and neither did her uncles. They just kept running around until they received the signal.


She was in a room when she heard the order, so her first reaction was to turn and head for the door.

She bumped straight into someone else.

“Excuse me,” Lilibeth muttered out of reflex.

“Help me,” the woman she bumped into said.

They already decided they wouldn’t rescue anyone, but it was hard to actually say that to the face of someone asking for help. Even if she could muster the words, the other woman didn’t give her the chance to say it. She grabbed Lilibeth’s arm and pulled her in one direction.

Uncle Tobiras clamped a hand on the woman’s shoulder before she could take Lilibeth any further.

“Let her go.”

“My husband is in here. Help me free him.”


They couldn’t stay. They needed to move before the confusion wore off and the Sharoon family got their act together.

“If you free my husband I’ll tell you where the Sharoon heirloom  is.”

They froze.

“Wha… How?”

“I’ll tell you everything later if you help me now. It won’t take long.”

Two lions lunged at each other behind the lady. Lilibeth made a decision.

“Where is he?” Lilibeth asked.

“Follow me.”

The lady turned to run but Lilibeth pulled her onto her stone dragon.

“It’s faster this way,” she explained.

Now the decoy mission was an escort mission that was part of a rescue mission. Lilibeth gripped the dragon with all four limbs and shot down the corridor. Her battered army cleared the way before them. Her uncles guarded their flanks and rear.

After some twists and turns, they finally stopped at an ordinary door. The woman jumped off the dragon and threw it open.

The Beauris braced themselves for a fight, but there were no guards inside, just docile servants staring vacantly ahead. The woman walked up to one of the men and pulled him to his feet. He didn’t resist as she led him out of the room.

They were too slow.

Lilibeth grabbed the lady, Uncle Tobiras grabbed her husband, and they dashed out of the Sharoon estate with the Sharoon family’s conjured minions snapping at their tails. Uncle Kostoli threw his favourite bombs behind them and the bombs exploded in a thick cloud of colours.

Without a sound, they disappeared into the neighbourhood next door to where their cars waited. They would only consider the mission over when they regrouped with the others. But before that, they better make sure they weren’t bringing a spy into the group.

“Who are you?” Lilibeth asked.

After a pause, the lady said, “Hello, Wilfredo’s niece. I’m Esther. Nice to meet you again.”

~To be continued~


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