Camp NaNoWriMo part 20

Genre: fantasy

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Once upon a time, there were three siblings. While playing together outside, they found some hidden treasures. The oldest brother picked up a pendant with a design of a strange creature he had never seen before. The middle sister chose a giant hairpin bigger than her hand. The youngest brother lifted a chain with letters woven into its long body.

Knowing that their parents would rather sell their sparkling new toys for money, the siblings decided to keep them to themselves and play with the treasures in secret.

One day, by accident, they discovered their new abilities. The older brother could bring things to life, the middle sister could bring dreams to life, and the youngest brother could bring words to life.

Kids being kids, they eagerly tested their powers without any thoughts to the consequences. Between the three of them, they completely destroyed the clearing that served as their open playroom.

Their parents weren’t happy when they found out.

Neither were the rest of the village. In fact, they were both angry and terrified at the carnage three children had created ‘for fun’.

The siblings tried to put things back to normal again, but their powers let them create, not revert. Their efforts to fix the damage only scared the villagers even more.

“Kill them!” they cried.

But the children’s parents wouldn’t let them. Armed with only their own bodies and their love for their children, they stood before the siblings as a protective barrier.

Fortunately for the family of five, the siblings weren’t the only ones to stumble across the treasure. Someone else found it too after the children left with their loot and picked the last item that had been left behind. It was a simple ring that changed sizes to fit the wearer and also allowed the wearer to reverse the effects of the other three’s powers.

That someone was the first Turnery.

Mollified by the knowledge that someone who could return things back to normal existed, the villagers were willing to let the children live. Eventually, they even came to embrace the convenience the powers afforded.

As the years passed, the children became parents and then grandparents. The number of people with special abilities also grew, enough to build their own clans. The Turnery travelled between the three families, helping when their help was needed.

Generations later, around the same time the three siblings’ families completely hid their powers from the world, their relationship with the Turnery family turned sour. They cut the Turnery family off and eventually forgot all about the fourth family.

But the Turnery never forgot.

If the three families ever went rogue, the Turnery family were the only ones equipped to stop them and reverse their powers. For that reason, they always watched the three families from the shadows.

A few years back, they noticed abnormal activity in the Sharoon house. After much subterfuge and research, they discovered a secret deal between the Sharoon head and an organisation with no name. In exchange for their support, she offered her heir’s brainwashing ability.

That sounded bad enough, but the Turnery were also worried that the Sharoon heirloom would fall into the organisation’s hands, if not now then in the future. The heirloom did not grant powers to those without Sharoon blood, but there was always the possibility that it could happen. To avoid the horror of a ruthless enemy that could bring nightmares to life, they put a team together to steal the heirloom.

Darius was one of its members. In fact, he was the leader of the operation. Like shadows, they slipped into the estate and successfully stole the heirloom, but met the heir on the way out.

Minerva Sharoon attacked them the moment she noticed the missing heirloom. She threw every nightmare she could at him but he nullified them with his own ability as his team retreated. His power gave him the upper hand, until she made him kill his own father.

It wasn’t real. He knew his father was on the other side of the building running his own mission, but Minerva’s powers were more than just giving nightmares physical form. She twisted his perception so he couldn’t remember her ability and augmented the terror of robbing someone of their life.

Her powers clashed with his own, which subconsciously fought to reverse what she had done to him, but even after it wiped away the fake body, it couldn’t reverse the shock it had done to Darius’ compromised mind. The powers clashed in his mind until they wiped his memories. The Sharoon heirloom, closely linked to the mind with its ability to bring dreams to life, was sucked into his lost memories in the clash.

“There we go.”

The scene froze. Fingers wrapped around the airborne heirloom and pulled.

In the outside world, Darius Turnery woke up.

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