Camp NaNoWriMo part 23

Genre: fantasy, family

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It took them the better part of a month to fix everything. Even then, the cracks were still visible to those who knew what they were looking for, but with enough time, even those would fade away too.

Each family had held their own gatherings, both to update everyone on the current situation and to make sure everyone was alright. Wilfredo had never seen so many Beauris in one place at the same time. Not even during Chinese New Year. But even that paled in comparison to this gathering.

All four families had been invited to the Sharoon main house to a great feast, prepared by the Sharoon family. Wilfredo could find plenty of familiar faces in the crowd, but for every known figure he found, there were another four others he had never met before. That wasn’t surprising. Officially, many of them had different family names, so from the outside it just looked like a gathering of suspiciously familiar people, not a massive family gathering.

When he was younger, he used to wonder why all of them had two names. Why did he have to keep his abilities secret from close relatives but it was fine to show off to strangers as long as they knew the magic words ‘Beauris’, ‘Sharoon’, and ‘Orania’?

Then he grew older and wiser, but even then he just treated it like a family rule that had always existed. Now,after this incident, he could see why his ancestors made the decision that they did.

To the rest of the world, they were just a group of friends who went way back. They didn’t know about the special abilities, or their long history. But if the day ever came that their family secret was exposed, it would be harder to catch the whole family without a legal trail tying them all together in a neat bundle. It wasn’t a great deterrent to the truly determined, but when everything was falling apart, a little comfort could go a long way.

A bell chimed three times. The chatter faded away as they turned their attention to the double stairs where the three family heads stood in a triangle, with Minerva Sharoon front and centre.

“Good evening. Thank you for joining us today.”

The other family heads remained silent as Minerva spoke, her voice strong and her hands clasped together to hide how they trembled.

“I would like to formally apologize-”

Someone, a few someones, coughed very loudly. Minerva’s face softened into a fond smile that made her more human than a thousand words could.

We would like to formally apologize for all the harm and suffering we have caused you in our selfishness. It will not happen again.”

His brother stepped forward. “I, Baldemar Beauris, formally accept the apology on behalf of the Beauris house.”

“I, Ellery Orania, formally accept the apology on behalf of the Orania house.” The Orania head stood by Minerva’s side.

Someone in the crowd clapped. Like a spark that set the forest on fire, more and more people joined in until a single person’s clap grew into a thunderstorm. But the purpose of the feast wasn’t just an official apology.

“We have another announcement to make,” Baldemar said after the applause died down, “Our three houses have a long history together, but there is actually a fourth house with an equally long history with us. Most of you have met them in the past weeks.”

In the crowd, people murmured and shifted.

“Allow us to formally introduce the fourth family head.”

The empty space behind the three heads shattered, revealing the previously hidden man. It was a simple combination of Uncle Ellery’s illusion and the Turnery’s ability to dispel it, but it sure made a great entrance.

“David Turnery, head of the Turnery house.”

~Almost done :p~


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