A Day of Firsts

Genre: fantasy, action
Follows after Before the Interview and Second Opinion.


~A Day of Firsts~

“Rule 1: No inappropriate touching,” was Lavi’s first words to Edmund on his first day as a bodyguard.

Edmund shifted Leora before she slipped off his back.

“Rule 2: Do not wake her up. Not even if the world is ending. Especially if the world is ending.”

A body flew at him. He dodged just in time.

When Lavi hired him to be Leora’s bodyguard, he thought Lavi was just a rich, overprotective brother. Lavi was still a rich, overprotective brother, but Edmund now knew why.

Contrary to his first impression of Leora, she was actually very frail, and spent most of her days resting. That made her easy prey for anyone who wanted to leverage her against Lavi.

“Rule 3: Attend any training I send you to. I don’t need a bodyguard who isn’t strong enough to protect my sister.”

Edmund ducked behind two Fighters locked in a furious battle.

He wasn’t a Fighter. He didn’t have super strength or special powers. Both siblings knew that when they hired him. Yet here he was, participating in a free-for-all practice session with all the Fighters-in-training (and then some) with a dead weight slowing him down.

“You don’t have to win. Just survive.”

Ha ha ha… Was it too late to quit? No. He needed the money.

In a fair fight, he was no match for anyone on the training field. So he made sure he wasn’t pulled into one. He skirted around other ongoing fights and avoided anyone looking for an opponent, but despite his efforts, he couldn’t avoid everyone forever.

A Fighter attacked him. Edmund could barely dodge his blows, let alone counterattack (thank the wall super strength didn’t also mean super speed). The air hissed with the powerful strikes. Edmund’s own gasps added to the frightening medley.

Finally, exhaustion crept up and pulled him to the floor. Unable to dodge the incoming hit, he threw himself before Leora like a shield.

The attack never landed.

“Are you hurt?”

A woman stood between him and his attacker, effortlessly trapping the Fighter’s hands in hers. Long purple hair, super strength. She could only be one person.

“No. Thank you, Shadow.”

Inside, he shed a few tears. This wasn’t the first meeting with DD’s strongest Fighter he wanted.

“You’re welcome.”

She swept the Fighter off his feet and tapped him on his head. Without looking back, she did the same to Edmund before he could react. Just like that, they were both eliminated from the game.

And it was the best thing that happened to him all day.




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