Drabble: Sweet Division

Genre: family, slice of life


Three people.

Two cakes.

One problem.

As one, the two brothers stabbed the same cake with their fork. The sister quietly reached for the other cake and cut it with her fork.

“Mine,” the brothers snarled. Invisible sparks flew between their eyes, both unwilling to back down.

Unnoticed, the sister pulled their forks out of the poor, mangled cake and dug in with her own. Once done, she distributed the cakes, each sliced into three portions, evenly among them.

“Let’s eat,” she said.

The brothers snapped out of their wordless fight. Only then did they notice what had happened to the cakes.

“That’s why I like you best,” the older brother said.

“Hey! That’s my line.”

The sister ignored them and ate her cake.

It was just another day with her brothers.


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