Triumphant Kisses

Follows after First Kiss and Behind the Kisses.
Genre: fantasy, superhero


Patricia’s first fight as a superhuman was an accident.

It was less than one month after her first kiss was stolen, and she still struggled to accept kissing as her price to use her newfound superpowers. Lost in her thoughts, she accidentally walked into a robbery.

She didn’t know who was more surprised.

In moments, she was just another hostage on the floor, hands restrained by a zip tie.

After that, the robbers ignored her, which was perfectly with her. In fact, she was content to just wait it out.

That changed when a robber turned a knife on a kid.

While everyone was distracted, she stole a kiss from the guy beside her.

Her first illusion: she wasn’t there. It would be sad if her identity was exposed before she even debuted as a superhuman. Protected by her invisibility, she gave the robbers a beating to remember.

Just kidding.

She trapped the robbers in new walls she created and called the police, stealing kisses from random people along the way to keep her illusions alive. Too many kisses later, the police finally arrived and caught all the robbers. Amid the confusion, she slipped out.

So calling that her first fight was a bit of a stretch, but just because she didn’t trade blows didn’t make it any less of a victory. Despite the odds, she triumphed!

With her morals as the only casualty.

And possibly some first kisses.

Sorry guys. It was an emergency.



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