Short Story: Red Light, Green Light

Genre: action
“Have you played Red Light, Green Light before?”

The little girl nodded.

“It can only see you if you move. Just like Red Light, Green Light. Now it’s looking at us, so don’t move. Once it looks away, run. Understand?”

She nodded against his leg. Her tiny fingers dug into his pants. He freed a hand to pat her head.

“‘Home’ is that uncle over there.” He pointed to his squad mate by the door, who waved back at them. “If you’re really close to home and the monster looks back, keep running. You’ll be safe once you reach home. Alright?”

The girl gave him another tense nod.

“Good girl.”

They waited as the rest of his squad drew the monster’s attention. Finally, it turned its back on them. The girl dashed towards the exit.

But she could never run fast enough, because he lied. The monster didn’t need motion to see things, but it was attracted to things that moved, and the girl was moving the fastest out of them all.

That was where he came in. He stood as a shield between her and the monster with his weapons raised.

Now that the civilian was out of the way, it was time to get back to work. That monster was going down.



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