Short Story: The Art Exhibition

Genre: slice of life


“That tower looks horrible.”

“I don’t like that colour.”

“It’s crooked.”

Art lovers whispered among themselves as they walked past his painting. He stood unassumingly nearby, pretending he was just another visitor in the art exhibition and that the comments he overheard didn’t sting.

He had lingered around for feedback on areas to improve on. Instead, hours of negative comments had eroded his already fragile confidence to nothing. He didn’t know if he could take another two days of the same.

He was about to leave when two girls stopped before his painting.

One more, he thought. If they could stop to look at his art, he could stay, just in case.

“I like the wings. They look very delicate.”

“The leaves are the same too. I like how the layers make them pop. Must have taken forever to paint them all.”

Not forever. Just three months. And by the time he started on the tower he only had a few days left.

“It’s nice.”

“I like it.”

“Thank you girls,” he said.

The girls spun around, shocked and embarrassed. They shared a polite, awkward conversation. After much blushing from both sides, the girls moved on. He stayed, buoyed by their compliments.

Even if the rest of the exhibition brought only criticisms, this one positive conversation was enough.


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