Short Story: Through the Ages

Genre: tragedy


At age 5, he learnt that pets didn’t live forever.

At age 9, he learnt that the elderly wouldn’t always be around.

At age 12, he learnt that just because someone didn’t have grey hairs yet didn’t mean they couldn’t disappear.

At age 13, he learnt that there were children who would never become adults.

At age 15, he learnt that he could lose his loved ones at any time.

And feared.

At age 18, he learnt to protect those he held dear.

At age 26, he learnt that no matter what he did, some things were just out of his control.

At age 37, he learnt what it truly meant to fear for the fragile life in his arms.

At age 50, he lost his other half.

At age 96, he was the last one.

At age 107, he was ready. He closed his eyes.

And let go.



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