Short Story: Between One Blink and the Next

Short story: fantasy


One day, without warning, his surroundings kept changing. He begin at the dinner table at home, then between one blink and the next, he was in a forest, on a beach, next to a tiger…

It took a frustratingly long time for him to link the sudden location changes to his blinks. He couldn’t keep his eyes open forever, but he could keep them closed. The thought of being blind in an unknown place was terrifying, but at least he could stay in one place long enough to do something. And if he needed to escape, freedom was just one blink away.

With his sight out of commission, he relied on his ears to hear for people. All he needed was one piece of information.

“Where am I?”

The first few dozen times, he wasn’t even in his own country. Rather than try to figure out all the legal requirements he would need to travel back without his passport on him, he blinked until he appeared in his country. Only then did he contact his family.

“How did you go all the way there?” his parents asked after the initial flurry of panicked questions. Just to keep the conversation going until the relative closest to him arrived to pick him up.

“I blinked,” he said.


“I’ll explain later.”



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