Short Story: A Creature of the Organization

Genre: general?


The organization considered him their creature. He didn’t care, as long as it didn’t affect his work.

Then they ordered him to offer his daughter to the organization.

He turned in his letter of resignation that day and sent his family ahead of him to someplace safe. In the weeks leading up to his formal resignation, he stayed on high alert. He’d heard enough rumours to be wary of what the organization might do to people like him.

Despite his caution, he was still caught off guard by a sedative slipped into his drink. When he woke, he was in the experiment they wanted his daughter for.

When he woke again, he was an amnesiac failed experiment, retained as a possession of the organization. He breathed, he ate, he did what he was told. He would have stayed there forever, content to go through the days without truly living, if a girl who looked like him hadn’t broken into his room.

“Hey Dad. I’m here to bring you home,” she said and pulled him out to the world.



With this challenge, I now know another meaning for creature.

A person or organization considered to be under the complete control of another.

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